Two women wearing dresses from Townsville

What Your Choice In The Women Dresses Section Says About You

Fashion can make or break a look. They can make you look more mature or innocent. They can express many kinds of emotions. The clothes you wear can say a lot about how you come across and expresses a part of your identity. Here is a selection of womens dresses from Townsville and what it says about you.

Cute and innocent

Want to look cutesy and have people mistake you for 5 years younger? The Haley Baby Doll from our women dresses section is perfect if you want to look young, flirty and fun. This is a look that will put emphasis on the word ‘babe’ in babelicious. This dress is for a woman who is full of energy and makes the most out of the everyday. People will not be able to take the piss out of you because you look so darn cute to ever lay a finger on. Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Independent boss lady

Now here is a look that will have you screaming, “I am an independent woman. Notice me!” Our Petra Maxi from the women dresses section will have you looking strong and majestic. You are not to be messed with from this ensemble. Its maxi length and ruffled hem give it a flair that just catches the eyes of anyone in its vicinity. You can rest assure with this item from our women dresses section you will be a standout from the crowd in this gown. Move over Dua Lipa, we have a new queen in our midst.

Life of the party

A lady in animal print is a wild one. With this Snow Leopard ensemble, you will definitely be “feline” yourself. This item from our women dresses section will have you ready to party and paint the town red. Its body con fitting, feline pattern and ruche stitching will grab the attention of any prey in sight. She has a drunk and off the walls personality that captivates everyone all around her. This frock from the women dresses category is for a woman who owns the room of anywhere she goes.

Cool, calm and collected

Woman wearing a dress from Townsville

Are you a girl who is go with the flow and follows to the beat of her own drum? The Callie Wrap from our women dresses section is perfect for you. Its mustard shade and wrap style will outshine the crowd that beholds this look. You are a bohemian queen of fashion.  You are a girl who loves to walk in the grass barefoot and catch a wave in the beach. Here is a piece that will capture your relaxed personality.

Quirky and Unique

Are you a woman who does not own anything in black? Bright patterns and bold colours are your friends with a closet that looks like the rainbow. The Sophia Midi from the women dresses category is perfect for a woman who does not have a care in the world and wears whatever she likes. She does not follow trends but is the trendsetter. This is a woman who is not afraid of going against the grain. Zooey Deschanel has nothing on you, girl!

The Takeaway

Your choice in women dresses can say a lot about your personality. You can express your bubbly persona to your relaxed exterior. The selection in our women dresses section is dynamic giving you an abundant number of choices for every and any kind of girl. With this variety of options, you will surely find the perfect ensemble for you in our women dresses section. ­