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The Essential Items Required In Your Skin Care Kit For Optimal Beauty

A skin care kit is essential for the majority, if not all, of the population to have. Having a proper routine in the morning and evening is a good way to ensure that your face will stay clear of any blemishes, pimples, blackheads and acne in general, and keep on maintaining your beauty. While a skin care kit is something that many in the beauty and modelling industry have been doing for years, many people still do not have one. Part of the reason for this is that there are so many different products and product types on the market that it can be overwhelming for some people, and they have no idea what does what or how and when to use it. This is definitely true for men especially, who will generally not have a skin care kit, and will not have a single clue as to what to buy and use.

Here are the essential items required in your skin care kit for optimal beauty.



A cleanser is definitely an essential in a skin care kit. For women, a cleanser will remove any makeup left on the face in order to ensure it does not stay and gunk up the face, causing outbreaks. It also removes any dirt that may have settled on the face overnight, which can cause outbreaks too. In the mornings, it can be used to remove any creams that may have stayed on your face overnight, as well as cleaning out any more dirt. There are different types of cleansers out there, including micellar, milky, foaming and oil based, which can be in your skin care kit. The type of cleanser does not matter so much as to how your body reacts to it, as it should never be left feeling uncomfortable and dry. A cleanser is generally used to clean the face of any impurities, dirt or left over residue from different products in the morning and in the evening after your day is finished; therefore it is an essential in a skin care kit.



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An Exfoliant is an essential in a skin care kit, as it helps to remove dead cells that can build up on the face and cause blockages and thereby outbreaks. The cell renewal process is a natural part of the body and will continue to recycle every few days; however as the body ages this can slow down significantly and dead cells can build up quickly over time, which can make the body look bad. A skin care kit should contain an Exfoliant in order to remove these dead cells every few days, and this is also how often it should be used.

It penetrates the face deeper than a cleanser would, and can really get out all the microscopic dead cells, as well as promote cell renewal to replace the dead ones.



A moisturiser is an essential part of a skin care kit, as it helps to rejuvenate the face and keep it moist. Having a dry face can lead to outbreaks and impurities, and it is important to keep it hydrated. People have different types of bodies, and some people may be more prone to dryness and vice versa. You need to choose how often you moisturise and how much you apply based on this, as everyone is different, you have to figure this out for yourself, but it is still important to do.


In summary, a skin care kit should contain a cleanser, Exfoliant and a moisturiser as the very basic essentials for a routine, in order to promote and maintain optimal beauty.