Pest control specialist in Melbourne inspecting a home

Some Of Many Reasons To Call Pest Control In Melbourne

There are some situations when you can deal with insects in your house by yourself by using insect repellent products, baits etc. However, there are definitely some serious reasons to call pest control in Melbourne.

Insect issues can range from mild and small jobs to large infestations which can be quite hard to get rid of. You are better off dealing with mild and small jobs and preventing an infestation than letting it get out of hand. There are many warning signs that you may have insects in your house, in which a professional may need to be called in to prevent the spread and eliminate the uninvited guests in your home.

Here are some of the many reasons to call pest control in Melbourne.


Insects can reproduce very quickly

If you have insects in your house, they can start to reproduce.

A house is a perfect place for insects to reproduce, as there are certain environments in a house that are the perfect breeding ground for them. Furthermore, insects reproduce very quickly, and as a result, a small number of them can become an infestation very quickly. Once a suitable environment is found for reproduction (warm, dark, and moist), insects will reproduce very quickly and it can be very difficult to stop a full-on infestation. This is one of the reasons to call pest control in Melbourne.


The infestation of certain insects can cause damage to property

Many insects can cause serious damage to property.

Some of these insects include termites, which are well-known to pest control in Melbourne and the general population. They have a reputation for eating away at wooden structures and foundations, which can cause the structural integrity of a property to falter. Furthermore, moths and silverfish can cause damage to clothing. They have a tendency to eat holes into clothing which can make the clothes unaesthetically appealing as well as damaging the fabric significantly. Thereby, it is a good idea to call in pest control in Melbourne if you notice termites or holes in your clothing to get rid of the insects before they cause more damage to your property.


Bees and wasps can sting

Bees and wasps are common problems for pest control in Melbourne.

It is often hard to distinguish between the two. Bees are more spherical or round in shape, and will often not be aggressive. Bees live in beehives and are generally peaceful and calm creatures. Wasps look more ‘pointy’ and have legs that hang in the air. Wasps are aggressive in nature, and is relentless in its attacks, often stinging many times over and over. There have been some cases known to pest control in Melbourne where wasp attacks have caused heart attacks and shock. Having wasps or bees in your yard means they can be provoked by someone who doesn’t know better, such as a child.

If there is a wasp or bee problem near your home, it is a good reason to call pest control in Melbourne.


Insect bites

There is a variety of different insects that can bite and leave marks on the human body. With pets around, it is much more common to have ticks and fleas, which is already a good reason to call in pest control in Melbourne.

Fleas can cause discomfort to your pets, as well as yourself. They can make you itchy with their bite and leave small marks on your body. In addition to this, ticks are very prevalent and can spread Lyme disease which can be a very debilitating disease. These are all good reasons to call in pest control in Melbourne.


In summary, pest control in Melbourne should be called in to prevent infestation of a property, or damage to it or yourself. The earlier you can do this, the better, and you should always know the signs of insects in your home.