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Questions To Ask Your Plumber In Wellington

It’s always important to make sure you ask the right questions when searching for a plumber in Wellington. Often maintenance, repair work of installation of your household plumbing can be costly, asking question can be the difference between expensive mistakes or quality work and guarantees. So what questions should you ask your plumber in Wellington?


What do I do if there’s any emergency?

In the event of an emergency it’s important to get in contact with an emergency service or plumber in Wellington. If you’ve broken a pipe or have an issue with a leak ensure you turn the water off at the mains as this can prevent damage or extra costs from water running freely.


What qualifications do you have?

Plumber fixing a sink leakage

It’s important to ask your plumber in Wellington about their qualifications to ensure they are able to correctly perform the work you require. Different professionals will specialise in different areas of the profession, you might for instance need someone that specialises in gasfitting or drainlaying.


How do I know you’re qualified?

There are licensing requirements and public registers of people qualified to undertake work in NZ. To ensure you plumber in Wellington is qualified, check their licenses and certifications.


Can workmanship be guaranteed?

Work performed by a qualified plumber in Wellington is guaranteed for a 12 month period. It’s important to work with certified professionals as this ensures you’re protected under the law and that if any issues arise they will be responsible for rectifying the issue.


Do you have any references?

Before hiring a professional to perform work make sure you ask if they have any client testimonials or reviews they can share. Even more importantly, ask if they have any references they can provide. A good business will have people willing to vouch for them and confirm the quality of their workmanship.


Who will be performing the work?

It’s important to confirm who will be performing the work on your property – is it the person you’re speaking to about your needs or will they have an apprentice or even a third-party contractor attend? Make sure you’re not paying top dollar if they’re pawning the job off on someone less experienced who hasn’t heard your account of the issues first hand.


What are the risk of trying to fix issues myself?

Working on your own sanitary issues, hot water cylinder or your drains is complicated and could actually be illegal. In many cases, performing your own work without a professional can void warranties and can actually come with large fines of up to $50,000 attached. It may also impact on your household insurance and could leave you seriously out of pocket if something goes wrong.


Will you perform clean up?

Most reputable businesses will clean up any mess left as part of the job, but some won’t so it’s worth checking if any disposal will be required after they have performed work, as this can factor into the cost.


How do I find a good plumber in Wellington?

The most important thing to do is to make sure you do your homework. Poor workmanship can cause stress and cost you time and money. When choosing a tradesperson make sure you get a number of written quotes before going ahead with work, ensure you also see their licensing card and search the public register for them as this is important for ensuring they are compliant and safe.


What do I do if there’s a problem?

The first thing to do is speak to the professional directly as this can resolve many problems, if they’re not willing to work with you then speak to local boards or organisations to take action.