two men installing solar panels and sma sunny boy inverter

How To Connect A SMA Sunny Boy Inverter To The Wifi

It can be highly beneficial to have your sma sunny boy inverter at home– you’ll be able to monitor things in real-time, perform remote fault diagnosis, get access to online platforms and do many other things. That’s why it is best to connect your sma sunny boy inverter to a wifi connection. All new models will come ready with built-in wifi and Ethernet ports for monitoring. So how do you set it up? Check out our easy guide below.


Getting prepared

Firstly you should make sure to gather all your supplies, you’ll want a smartphone, tablet or laptop on hand as well as an Ethernet cable – you’ll especially want this Ethernet cable on hand if the installation site for you sma sunny boy inverter is in a remote or hard to reach place, or if it’s your first time installing one. If the wifi has been turned off or deactivated then it can also be useful to have an Ethernet cable and a computer with an Ethernet port on hand. Having an Ethernet cable there will make the configuration of your sma sunny boy inverter simpler but in most cases, a smartphone or a tablet will be fine to get it set up.

You should take a photo of the serial number, PIC and RID before you get started. This can be found on the label and documentation that will come with your sma sunny boy inverter – once you’ve installed it this information can become hard to read so taking a photo is a good way to make sure that you have it readily available when you need it in the future.


Connecting the equipment

This is step one and there are two methods of connecting to a wireless network. Firstly you can connect with your laptop, smartphone or tablet or you can connect with an Ethernet cable and laptop. If you are opting for the first option then you’ll need to access the wifi network with your smart device, you should see your equipment show up with the wifi title of something like SMA 19xxxxx. The password will be SMA12345 for brand new equipment – once you’ve installed the password will be updated with the installation assistant. If your connecting via Ethernet then attach it to the port in your laptop.


Log in to the interface

Once you have connected to the wifi or by cable you’ll need to log into the interface. You can do this by going to your internet browser and typing in a default IP address which is 192.168.123 for wifi connections and for Ethernet connections. You’ll then be logged into the interface where you can work on the initial configuration of your device. The first you login you’ll be asked to create a new password, so take note of it.



Once you’ve logged in you’ll be taken to the installation wizard, you’ll need to select the WLAN tab to synchronise your equipment to the wireless network. Search for local networks in this tab and select your networks ‘settings’ option. If the network has a password you’ll need to enter it and then connect. You’ll then have an IP assigned which is how you’ll login in later on. Go to ‘save and next’ and then follow the prompts to complete commissioning steps.

The latest generation of sma sunny boy inverter equipment comes ready with wifi and Ethernet integration, which makes it very easy to use and easy to add to your home network. The installation process is quick and simple and makes it easy to monitor from your devices.