woman with a disability

Getting Occupational Therapy With NDIS

Are you looking into getting occupational therapy with NDIS? Then read on below to find out some things you should know.


What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a program designed to help people with permanent and significant disability. There are a lot of different types of help and support that people can get from the scheme, including occupational therapy with NDIS. The program aims to give people more choice over their support and how it is provided.


What can you expect from occupational therapy in NDIS?

Getting occupational therapy with NDIS includes treatment in a number of areas such as mental health, rehab, pain management, pediatrics, and driving help. Occupational therapy in NDIS aims to help people to become more independent and help them to reach goals and be able to participate in interests, they also help people to manage their daily routines, modify daily tasks and participate in everyday activities. People of all ages can benefit from the work of these skilled health professionals. Occupational therapy in NDIS involves people working with a range of different tools and technology, such as aid and other assistive equipment, modifications to the home environment to help people perform daily tasks, modifications to vehicles to allow people to pass their driving assessments, they also help to assess personal support needs, coordinate respite care, perform housing assessments, help to provide transport to individuals, assist with mobility training and support employment evaluations. For children, they often modify their approach to include play-based therapy and help everyone with personal planning.


How do you know if you’re eligible?

People under the age of 65 whose daily lives are affected by a disability may qualify for the national disability insurance scheme. You’ll also need to consider whether the scheme is available where you live, the program is in the process of being rolled out nationwide and by 2020 it is planned that everyone will have access to the scheme but it’s a good idea to check the rollout map and see whether the scheme has reached your area yet. Once you’ve received approval for the scheme you’ll work with a planner for the scheme and a local area coordinator to come up with the best plan for you. Every participant in the scheme has their own plan that is individualized to their needs. People who decided they want occupational therapy with NDIS will be able to choose from a list of approved providers, accessible under the scheme.


Can the National Disability Insurance Scheme help me?

The ways that the program can help an individual are almost endless. Occupational therapy with NDIS can help to make people more autonomous and more independent. They can help people to engage in the community better and perform daily tasks more easily. OT may be able to assist with helping children with their fine motor skills, developing social skills, improving concentration skills, it can also help with developing organization skills, sensory processing skills, it can also help people with tasks like performing self-care, finding and keeping their employment, and driving.

If you’re living with a disability then this scheme could be life-changing and gives you much more flexibility and control over the nature of your support then past programs so it’s very worth looking into and finding out if you may be eligible. If you’re looking for more information get in touch with your local service and providers to find out what is available in your area. Participants in the program have been saying positive things about the program since it began.