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Dos And Don’ts When Moving To A New House With Liverpool Removalists

Relocating your home or business premises is no easy feat. It often takes months of preparation and planning and moving day can be incredibly stressful, even if you have help from Liverpool removalists. If you live in South Sydney or are moving to that region of New South Wales, then there are several things you want to do in preparation. Likewise, there are a lot of things you want to avoid, to save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety on the day. Here are all the dos and don’ts for when you’re relocating!


DO clean your furniture before packing

Any furniture that needs to be disassembled and placed into boxes should be cleaned before it is packed and loaded on the truck. Make sure they are free of any dirt or coarse particles since these might damage or scratch the surface when being transported to the new premises by your Liverpool removalists.


DON’T start packing furniture too early

When you start packing away your furniture (like tables and bed frames), make sure you have all the necessary materials and suppliers beforehand. You’ll need bubble wrap, plenty of furniture blankets, packing paper, and a range of other items to ensure your furniture is packed away safely and won’t be damaged.


DO keep all fastening elements

woman carrying a big box

As outlined earlier, you’ll need to disassemble things like bed frames, tables, and other larger furniture items so they can be safely transported by your Liverpool removalists to your new home. If you lose some of these fastening elements (like screws, bolts, nuts, and washers), then re-assembling your items when you arrive will be a lot harder. Keep them all safe and secure in a box.


DON’T use bubble wrap directly

A lot of people make the same mistake of placing bubble wrap directly on the surface of their furniture, thinking this is all they need. With very delicate items, like wooden furniture, jewellery, and other delicacies, wrap the things in blankets (if possible) and then wrap the item in a layer of bubble wrap. This provides your items with two layers of protection, decreasing the likelihood of it being damaged on route.


DO use twine for security

Most Liverpool removalists will handle this for you, however, for added peace of mind, use a stretch wrap or twine to ensure your items don’t move about in the back of the truck. The unnecessary movement will only damage your assets, so make sure the string has been used to keep everything stable. Double-check the outlay of the truck before you let your Liverpool removalists depart.


DON’T rush the process

The last thing you want to do is rush the process. Relocating to a new home is a stressful process, so anything that you can do to minimise your stress is worth pursuing. Starting the packing phase nice and early will set up well for the big moving day. Likewise, making sure you have a reliable, professional, and committed team of Liverpool removalists will also set you up on the right foot.


DO go easy on yourself

If something doesn’t quite go to plan, then that’s ok, since these things happen. You mustn’t blame yourself if something gets damaged or ruined while being transported from location to location. Make sure you keep everything in perspective and do what you can to minimise damage to your most expensive items. If you have hired a reliable and respected team of Liverpool removalists, then you have nothing to worry about at all.