Couple attending family court in Sydney

Attendance Tips With Family Court In Sydney

Women and men who are booked in with family court in Sydney might arrive with some trepidation and anxiety. This is perfectly normal, but participants often feel much more relaxed when they come prepared for what lies ahead. Before talks get underway with child custody disputes and property settlements, it is beneficial to read over these essential tips.

Make Arrangements for Children, Work & Family Commitments

The biggest issue that men and women can face as they prepare for family court in Sydney is to ensure that their children are looked after and that they have made appropriate arrangements for work and family commitments. The timescale for these hearings can be unpredictable at the best of times and will require individuals to arrive early to prepare and in case they are requested by the court. From school attendance and daycare needs to making requests early with employers and other family members, these are steps that have to be taken to avoid any unwanted stress or mismanagement.

Dress Appropriately

While the rules around dress code when attending family court in Sydney are not overtly set in stone, there is an expectation that participants will take the case seriously enough to adhere to high professional standards. Suits and formal dress attire is expected in these circumstances, especially when presenting a case before a judge and during an official hearing. It is a way to make a positive impression, demonstrating to key parties that the client is a responsible adult who respects the process and the people involved.

Stay in Consultation With Representative

Couple consulting a lawyer

Men and women are not forced to have a lawyer present as they attend family court in Sydney, but it is an incredibly valuable asset to have on the side of counsel when certain legal processes are underway. These specialists know what will take place on a procedural level and will be on hand to present a case on behalf of their client. When there are nerves and anxiety present, this is the best working partner to have available on the day.

Removing All Recording & Communication Devices

A small requirement but an important one will be enforced on individuals who attend family court in Sydney. Phones and all types of recording devices are strictly prohibited in these private environments. This is not a space where judges and courtroom officials can be recorded or where phone calls and messages can be exchanged with outside parties. Upon arrival, it is important to hand these devices over to officials before they are retrieved upon completion of the hearing.

Bring Required Documentation & Paperwork

There are often scenarios where women and men are requested to hand over application papers, legal documents and evidence to family court in Sydney. It might pertain to child custody requests, alimony payment documents, police reports, bank statements, character references and more. If members are unprepared for these occasions, their standing can be significantly damaged as it forces an additional delay in the process.

Avoid Any Emotional Outbursts

Sydney constituents will be strongly advised by their counsel when it comes to their presentation and emotional standing at the time. Emotional outbursts are strictly prohibited in these environments, something which could result in law enforcement intervention depending on the circumstances. For those who are making attendance and presented before a judge for a family hearing, this type of behaviour has to be checked and controlled at all times.

Attending family court in Sydney will likely carry a degree of stress in some shape or form, but members are putting their best foot forward when they adhere to these general processes. Work closely with counsel to ensure that preparation is as smooth as possible.