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A Guide To Communicating Effectively With Family Lawyers

Effective communication with family lawyers is critical. They are your solicitors and, as such, represent your interests. Without effective communication, they would not represent you well. Communication is key, no matter what the case may be. Be it divorce, child custody, or inheritance and will cases.

Communicating effectively would help you get the very best out of family lawyers in Sydney. You could have fantastic lawyers but have poor results due to a lack of communication. 

This article will guide you through three pro tips to help you communicate with the professionals effectively. 

  • Establish A Form Of Communication 

The very first thing on our list is establishing a form of communication. There should be a mutually agreed medium or method that you and your solicitor should agree on when dealing with your case. 

The best way is to choose some mediums that suit you, about two or three, and compare them to what your solicitor says works best for them. Most professionals would, most times, prefer emails

In some cases, your solicitor may let you choose the mode of communication. We advise that you pick a medium that would maintain professionalism and is easy to navigate. 

Establishing a form of communication should also include days and times suitable for the two parties. Also, the means of communication would vary depending on the case’s progress. 

For instance, calls and physical meetings would be much more effective when the case is at a critical phase. 

  • Compile All Your Questions At Once

family lawyer in Sydney meeting a client

Whenever you have a session with family lawyers in Sydney, it is best to have all your questions about the case already written down. This way, you can make the most out of one session. 

Depending on what you have already agreed with the solicitor, there should be fees for each session. When you prepare for the session, you will probably save some money. 

Another reason you should compile your questions is that it helps you keep the conversation focused and detailed. 

Let’s say you want to know how long it would take before you see your kids again. The questions you have would help you focus the conversation on this topic. 

The possibility of straying to other things like court hearings and agency fees would be minimal.

  • Always Keep It Professional

All conversations with family lawyers in Sydney should be kept professional on all levels. This way, it helps the two parties focus on the case. 

However, family lawyers are expected to get to know the clients personally in some cases. It would be best to keep this familiarity at healthy levels to avoid other complications. 

All your physical meetings and calls should be scheduled appropriately before time. This rule can be broken if there is an emergency or a situation where an unscheduled meeting is unavoidable.

Also, all the billing and charges should be agreed on beforehand to make the whole process smooth.

Even with their years of schooling and expertise, family lawyers in Sydney are humans too. Effective communication is the key to getting the best out of them. We urge you to follow the tips in this guide in your dealing with family lawyers. We wish you the best.